Hey there! I’m Signe, a 24 year old student currently studying as a multimediadesigner in Denmark, where i strive to create innovative and creative solutions, to meet the needs of potential future clients and businesspartners.

My education is quite broad and has earned me a skillset that covers a wide variety of different areas of expertise, ranging from everything that has to do with graphic design all the way to digital business. Though my main focus and passion is in branding/SoMe content.

In addition to my full-time study, I also work as an influencer, creating many different types of social media content for both Twitter, Instagram and my own lifestyle blog, to reach and inspire young people all around the world. It’s something I’m really passionate about and therefore I am always available for commissions/collaborations!

Want to know more about my work as an influencer/content creator or do you just want to get in touch?
Hit me up with an email at: wiishuwrites@gmail.com.

Talk soon,

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