The CLEAN Edit: The Perfect Perfume For The Minimalist [AD]

You may have already been scared away by the fact that this post has the word “AD” in the title but please, don’t worry, these are all products I legitimately love and wouldn’t go without. They where so kindly gifted to me by BeautyCos (thank you BeautyCos). BeautyCos is a Danish website which offers lot’s of different varieties of products and brands for incredibly reasonable prices!
Now I’ve been wanting to do a perfume related post for a while so I thought – Heck, why not? The perfumes I am going to show you are of course all from CLEAN which, if you have kept up with me for a little while, will know how much I LOVE their CLEAN Rain Perfume. They are completely free of parabens and sulfates so they are in fact, clean perfumes. CLEAN also recommends that you mix and match your scents to create something unique only to you, which I think these perfumes are perfect for because they are so simple in their smell.
There will also be a small section featuring CLEAN perfumes for men which, spoiler alert, smell AMAZING. I am going to show you some of the ones I recently got my grubby little hands on and tell you why these perfumes has a special place in my heart and why you should check them out if you love all things minimalistic and simple (just like I do).


CLEAN Original. This is their most recognised scent and for good reason. This perfume has a very sweet, simple and delicate scent with hints of lemon, orange, rose and lily which makes it perfect for every day wear. I like this one because of how simple and sweet it is. It literally smells like a nice warm summer day without being too flowery or overpowering. Just a nice fresh smell that will last you all day and keep you feeling fresh. A lovely timeless classic.


CLEAN Shower Fresh. This perfume smells exactly as the name indicates it does. An amazingly versatile perfume, perfect for days where you don’t have time to shower or days where you just fancy a CLEAN scent on your body. Personally I love using it after a long day or after a tough workout where I don’t really fancy jumping into the shower afterwards (admit it, we all have those days).
It smells absolutely amazing with notes of lemon, lily and other fresh flowers. This perfume is also unisex so a good choice for anyone looking to smell like they just jumped out of the shower and made an extra effort in their day to day.


CLEAN Original for men. This perfume is much more fresh and zesty. A great every day perfume with hints of grapefruit, wilde blackberries, clove and lime. It’s very light and I think this is one of those perfumes that would go perfectly with a mix of some of the others to create a much more unique scent just for you.


CLEAN Shower Fresh for men. When I introduced Sean to the perfumes, this was by far his favorite scent and honestly mine as well (out of the mens ones that is). It smells exactly like the name indicates but better. I definitely have a weakness for male perfumes because I just think they smell so incredibly amazing! – LOVE ‘EM! This one is no exception.
With hints of bergamot, lemon, cardamom and nutmeg, it’s a little spicier than the rest but in a way where it doesn’t loose it’s freshness. Again, it’s the perfect perfume to cover up the smell of a long day at school, work or the gym.

Honorable Mentions:


  • CLEAN Rain – My FAVORITE out of all of them combined! This one will always be my go-to.
  • CLEAN Skin – A dark and much more spicy perfume than the rest. Perfect for evening wear!
  • CLEAN Air – Literally smells like a freshly fallen snow on a crisp winter day. What’s not to like?
  • CLEAN Blossom – The flowery one! Smells like exactly like a big flowerfield. A lovely feminine scent for summertime.
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    Idk why but Men’s Colognes are totally amazing! And they smell so good! I don’t wear them or anything lol. I just love the smell! A weakness of mine too 😛

      • NeeNee

        no problem, thanks for the reply! i might just splash out and order one next time i’m in need of a new perfume. your blog most makes them all sound delicious so i’m sure they’ll be great!

  • Iris Lokhorst

    I think I might actually get the rain one or shower one, they sound delicious. I’ve been looking to get a good perfume for a while now but the smell of perfume stores is _overwhelming_ so I always leave before finding a nice one.

  • Clementine Mulvihill

    I wish computers had smellovision, I would love to experience these scents! You did a great job of describing them in easy to grasp way though. I love that you share with us products from your home country, it’s so unique to see that.

  • Ashley Bingham

    I recall you talking about this brand in one of your earliest videos! They all sound delicious, and I like that they make scents for men as well. These sound absolutely amazing and I wish I could actually smell them! I like perfumes that aren’t overpowering, but just make you feel a little more confident, and from what you said, these sound like they do just the trick!

  • EmeraldBoxer

    I’ve actually been meaning to find some good perfumes out there and a lot of them, (at least in America) just aren’t for me. Now I’m willing to give this product a try, I really value your approval.

    Not to mention, I despise the aroma that cologne gives off – at least some of them, they’re not all bad. Some guys wear the most suffocating scents to me, I’d love to have the CLEAN experience. I’m sick of that chemical smell.

    Thank you for the wonderful suggestions! I’ll make note to give them a shot!

  • Frannie Anne

    Yum! I love the idea of a fresh, clean, and helpful perfume. I’ve always had a difficult time with strong scents; my mom would put Vanilla Fields on and it made every car ride unbearable because of the close quarters. :/ And my hubby isn’t too keen on strong scents either so I’m thankful to you for sharing this! I will be looking into it!


  • Faith Giles

    Just found where I can buy CLEAN Rain (thank you Kohl’s) because I’m always looking for new perfumes! Literally cannot wait until I can buy it. Thank you so much for suggesting these!

  • Erika

    finally did it and got the CLEAN Rain! Super excited, I’ve never found just the right sent for me. Here’s hoping 🙂

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