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These days, internet influence is everything. It’s where we get most of our inspirations for how to improve upon our day-to-day and I am absolutely no different. I love browsing blogs and scrolling through endless of posts on Instagram. Liking, commenting and taking little mental notes of all the ones I find most interesting and inspiring.
The things I mostly look for is style inspiration. Looking at how other people dress, present themselves and put together outfits is fascinating to me and I take a lot of inspiration from it. I love trying to incorporate this inspiration into my own style as well. How well I succeed however, is another thing entirely!

I follow a lot of people online, so picking out a just a few to write about was difficult to say the least. I did however settle on 3 people who have had a big influence on how I dress and what my current style looks like. These 3 are all incredibly talented and wonderful women. Some of which I would love to meet and have a chat with if the opportunity ever presented itself.

The Anna Edit: This powerful and beautiful lady is one of the many reasons I started my blog. What attracted me to her content was her bubbly but laid-back personality. She’s very neat and organized and loves the minimalistic aesthetic which I am also ALL ABOUT! Anna’s main stylistic approach is about having a solid capsule wardrobe and was the one who inspired me to invest in some more staple pieces, that would last me longer. Overall I just love her stuff!
You can check it out for yourselves here:


Marzia Bisognin: The fact that Marzia and I are friends doesn’t mean that I can’t admire her style. This girl is incredibly sweet, talented, hardworking and beautiful inside out and she has a great eye for cute pastel clothing! I like her style because it’s different. She has a good balance of more subdued everyday clothes, as well as awesome overly stylized pieces. Just an all around cool aesthetic which has definitely bled into her own pieces as well. Her clothing pieces are fantastic and good quality as well.
You can check out her work here:


Lian Galliard: I haven’t been following her for as long as the two others but her style immediately struck me as exactly what I wanted to wear every single day of the rest of the year.
She is very good at styling up an ordinary “day-to-day” pair of jeans and I absolutely love her taste in shoes. Her style is a much more of a “rock-girl” kind of look, which I am again, ALL ABOUT!
Check out her stuff here:


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  • JewelGauthier

    Oh these look interesting. Thanks for the recommendations, I will check their blogs out! I also agree with you on the way you described Marzia’s style, and she pulls it off so effortlessly well. I wear too much black to be comfortable wearing what she sometimes wears, but I wish I had the courage to do so…

  • Ashley Bingham

    I can definitely see these three ladies style in the way you dress! I’ve been looking to get into the capsule wardrobe more so I’ll need to check out Anna’s blog as well and go back and read a little bit more about what you wrote about it! Also I already mentioned this on tumblr, but I’m in love with he new blog design! It’s so simple but it’s absolutely stunning! 😀

  • Erryn

    For me you and Amy are my biggest fashion inspirations! I love how neat and elegant a lot of your stuff looks and I really like Amy’s quirky sort of clothes.

  • Clementine Mulvihill

    I can definitely see why these three are some of your biggest inspirations. I’m totally jealous of how easy some of them, like you and Marzia, make fashion and looking good work. Your new blog style is also gorgeous! Love how minimal it is, I can really see you in the design.

  • Hannah H

    I love your style and I too love to shop at H&M and browse the internet for inspiration. One outfit of yours that I particularly loved was the dress you wore this past New Years. Where did you get that by the way?

  • Kacie Young

    You an marzia are one of my biggest clothing inspirations. You two are lovely ladys and have great sense of style so thank you so much ^.^

  • voidlxve

    I really like seeing where you get your inspiration from since you are such a big style inspiration for me. I can see some bits of their style in yours and I think you incorporate all their styles really nicely together.

  • Aysha Martin

    Wiishu, you should make a blog and/or video about being an artist! Maybe tips for beginners or people who don’t know how to get into digital drawing (*cough* ME *cough*)? 🙂

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