Five Current Styles I Love (& My Top Picks)

Now that I have pried myself away from day dreaming about summer and stopped browsing Instagram’s many amazing cooking videos (it’s hard to be on a diet). I thought it was time to browse a whole other selection. Last year and I suppose to some degree this year, has been full of amazing fashion trends. Of course some of them have been questionable but in this post I want to focus on those who made an impact on me and somewhat molted my style into what it is today. In this post I would like to share with you some of the trends from this year/last year that I’ve really been diggin’!

(P.S. Because WordPress sucks I can’t link to the items on the page but if you want to  browse my top picks, just click the links and scroll through!)

Chenille Sweaters. I talked about these velvety-soft sweaters in my last post where I showed you my bottle green chunky sweater from Saint Tropesand ever since end of last year, they have become a staple part of my sweater collection. Chenille is a really lovely, thick, warm fabric made from wool and it has made a major comeback last year. This fabric can however be a little problematic when it comes to washing/drying it. As with most other sweaters it’s important not to put them on a hanger when either drying or putting them away for storage in your wardrobe. Instead, spread them on an even surface to dry and then fold them up to put away. If you hang them the fabric will stretch and you won’t have the same nice snuggly fit as the one you came home from the shop with.

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White Jeans. A classic as old as time. Simple, elegant and sophisticated all around. White jeans are just so incredibly chic! As soon as this trend started I wanted to jump in with both legs first. Unfortunately I didn’t have the confidence to wear something like that and white clothes do have a tendency to get dirty really really fast. I do still think that it looks incredible and next summer I’m thinking I might finally take the dive and purchase a pair for myself because if this jeans doesn’t just scream SUMMER I don’t know what does!

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The Straight “Mom” Jean. Again a staple for your upcoming 2018 wardrobe. It definitely will be in mine! Last year was a real eye-opener for me when it came to jeans. Before I would only shop for black skinny high-waists and not even bother to look at anything else. The straight cut jean changed that. Such a simple and cosy fitting pair of jeans and styling them up doesn’t get any easier. They look good with just a simple t-shirt! The absolute simplest of simple, how much better does it get?

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Leather boots. The leather boot is definitely not a new trend but one I’ve been enjoying immensely nonetheless and as so they have become a staple item in my wardrobe and almost any outfit I ever wear. That’s why it should come as no surprise that this trend is something I am absolutely ALL ABOUT. I just love leather boots! They are chic, edgy and they go with everything: Dresses, skirts, jeans (any color), trousers, E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Finding a good pair can be difficult and if you want good quality a solid pair of leather boots can become a dangerous purchase. That’s why it’s best to see them as an investment and consider all the important factors before buying. Do I like them? Will they go with what I already have (YES)? Will I use them in the coming years? Etc. All these things are factors that should be considered before buying but when you find the right pair it is so so worth it.

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Matte EVERYTHING. Be it eyelids or lips, everything has gone matte this year and I am here for it. I’ve recently been trying out a single matte color on my eyelids just in my day-to-day to see if I could get away with not wearing eyeliner and it’s been working surprisingly well! I think the rusted earthy tones goes a long way and if you are like me, who has no idea of what they are doing when it comes to eye shadow, it’s a safe, secure bet. I’m currently using the Elf Eyeshadow Palette – Mad For Matte, which I think gives both good coverage and a wide range of colors for a very decent price. Plus they really make my eyes look like the color they actually are (which is green if any one of you is curious).

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5That’s just a few of the trends I’ve been keeping my eyes on this last year. Hopefully we’ll get to see more stylish trends emerge or even make a comeback again in 2018. Who knows what the next big thing could be! I’m definitely looking forward to finding out.

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  • Emvincible

    i love this post! i too have embraced jeans other than skinny fit (although those will always be my go-to, r.i.p. ) and ive also been exploring different eye makeup styles! i used to wear winged eyeliner every. single. day. to the point where it became boring (and honestly i just got too lazy to wear it all the time, it’s so much easier to swipe on a color of eyeshadow and some mascara and call it a day!) it’s exciting to see how your style has changed over time, and usually how you’ve grown with it. thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  • Clementine Mulvihill

    Your fashion is such goals! This is such an interesting post. I like the way you formatted it and I loved the idea. I’m not so much into fashion and following the trends myself, but you makes it accessible and easy to follow. I find this stuff so fascinating when you write about it. Thanks!


    Luv This! It’s so awesome of you to give us an insight of your style! I love it! It’s so unique and cute! ♡

  • Helen

    I hope the leather boots that you really like are vegan. It is so sad to think that poor animals get skinned just to satisfy the selfish need of humans to look good. :c

  • Ashley Bingham

    As I said on another recent post, I love your style! And I definitely recommend getting a pair of white jeans. They are very easy to style and always make an everyday outfit pop just a little bit more. And a bonus: it’s super easy to find an inexpensive pair that still looks good!

  • EmeraldBoxer

    Aha! So your eyes ARE green! I WAS RIGHT! (My sister and I have been quarreling over this for at least 2 years now, I should’ve bet money on it.)

    White jeans are my favorite next to any black denim I own. (I lost my favorite white jeans though and I’ve been semi-depressed over it) They’re all around wonderful to have and create the PERFECT summer look, especially during the summer months. They’re kind of hard to wear though, and my biggest fashion-related fear is ruining them.

    Anyway, your posts always make my day better. They’re intresting in every way, even if I can’t relate directly. Thanks for boosting my spirits today, Wiish! ^^

  • mnguyen14120311

    Your style is so unique (for me, I don’t know about the world). My style is just to throw on some oversized shirt with a cute design, black (and fading) skinny jeans, and some sports shoes. I guess I’ll have to wait to have a more refined style. ;3

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