Christmas shopping: 4 tips to rest easy during the Holidays.

The calendar now says 1st of December and the Holly Jolly Christmas month has begun! Usually, I would be horribly unprepared for it. It ALWAYS seems to sneak up on me (though the many lights and decorations should probably have been my hint in early November.) However this year I, for once, seem to have gotten the jump on good ol’ December. My Christmas shopping is almost complete and the house is beginning to look and feel like the Christmas I so desperately crave. This didn’t happen overnight though, it took lots of planning and countless hours of work. So here are 4 tips for getting through the stressful Christmas shopping!

Wishlists make everything easier!

If you know what people want it’s much easier to figure out what to get them. That goes for you too of course! So make yourself comfy and jot down some things you’ve been needing or are wishing for this Christmas. Make sure it’s affordable and tangible, not something outrageous like peace on earth! Ask your loved ones to do the same and exchange them during December, that way you have an easy starting point.

Categorizing is important!

Once you have figured out what to get, you need to start thinking of where to get them. Dividing your presents into easy shopping categories ex. Beauty, Fashion, Tech, etc. Is a good way to quickly get an overview of which places you need to visit to get what you need.

Budgeting is necessary!

Budgeting, yuck! I hate that word! I have always been the kind of person who wants to give people exactly want they want no matter the cost! Sadly, life doesn’t work that way. We all have bills to pay and other adult things to take care of so budgeting is, of course, needed. Figuring out how many people you need to give gifts to and how much you can afford to spend on each one is essential for securing you don’t go broke during the Holidays.

Online shopping saves time!

One key thing I have found to have helped me tremendously this year has been online shopping. AMAZON has been my best friend during my holiday preparations and I have found a tonne of amazing gifts for even more amazing prices that way. It saved me so much time and hassle and the packages would come within a couple of days, with plenty of time to spare for wrapping. Plus scouring the web is a lot easier than running through multiple stores searching for the perfect present!

Those were my 4 tips for seasonal shopping! Christmas can be stressful and finding the perfect present is always tough but hopefully, you can now rest a little easier and enjoy the season!
Thank you so much for reading!



  • Mohammed

    and i agree with those tips
    Amazon for me is even a great way to have the gifts shipped directly to those i care about but can’t get to myself!
    Have a happy jolly holidays deary Wiishu ❤️

  • Leonora Boesen

    Hej Signe!
    Glædelig 1 december. Det er nogle meget nyttige tips. Kan godt lide dit juletræ og alt det andet pynt. Håber at du når at lave flere opslag om jul (men hvis du er for stresset er det ok, det er jo en ret stressende tid for nogle)
    Her er dee nogle ideer til jule-opslag: Sjove gaveideer eller et juleaften-look. Du kan også bage julekager og dele opskriften. Ligemeget hvad ser jeg frem til dit næste opslag.
    Håber at dig og Seán får en fantastisk jul!

  • Dawid

    I love your taste of design and fashion, very simplistic but also so cute! Also have a very merry Christmas with Seán and your family <3

  • Clementine Mulvihill

    These are wonderful tips and definitely a good way to stay sane. I totally hate budgeting as much as you do and I wish I could people exactly what they wanted, but you’re right about it. It’s important!

    I hope you have a great holiday season! May all your Christmas wishes come true! ^.^

  • Mara

    That is really useful!! You don’t always know what people would want for christmas, and this way, you make sure they’ll like what you get them!!

  • Lovelywiishu

    Amazon takes forever where I live some things I purchased 5 months ago aren’t even here yet I wish It was faster;(

  • Alexa Adams

    I 100% agree that amazon can be your best friend during the holidays! It’s just so convient! Anyway happy holidays! (ps love the decorations and would love to see more)

  • Gracie

    These are completely feasable and well thought out tips. Much appreciated, Wiishu! I also adore the photos. Your Christmas tree looks beautiful! Hope you have great holiday!

  • novembersaki

    Wow, this was incredibly helpful! Me always being stressed anyways wasn’t going to help with the extra pressure of this time of the year, but this has helped me so much already! Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

  • Abby Jones

    This has definitely been me this year. I have managed to somewhat get the jump on December and oh my goodness has Amazon saved my life. I also wanted to say that I love the pictures in this post! It looks so nice and cozy. Loved the post!

  • Carla R.

    I am proud to say that this is me this year! My house is decorated, my gifts are ordered and I am currently waiting for come presents to arrive in the mail to wrap them! My tree has never been so filled with presents this early in the month and I feel so relaxed!

  • Igs

    Hey, I love your blog and YT channel. Quick Q: I recently started to get in to digital but I’m kinda struggling developing my own artstyle. Did you ever have a problem with this and do you have any tips and pointers? I put all my art on a art blog on Tumblr to keep track of progress and all that, and although I have some what improved, I’m not really that sure what I can do to feel more confident. Hope you have a good day, Happy Holidays! o(〃^▽^〃)o

  • Esmée Dekocker

    I realized i didn’t comment on this yet. So I thought why not now (hehe).
    Thank you for your tips. Reading that it’s a good idea to make a budget, made me realize i really needed to do that. I’m always on over-spender, so seeing the digits, helped me figure out how to take on this Christmas. I did some massive online shopping as well, since i’m still studying and couldn’t afford to lose much time. When i did go out your categorizing idea helped. Never tried that weirdly!
    Thank you so much and i hope you had some good holidays 🙂

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