3 quick style tips on how to stay warm and stylish during winter

Hey gang, it’s been a while! I skipped a post last week and I’m sorry about that. The reason behind this was because I was way behind on commissions and wanted to focus on that. On top of that though, I also have to save up for a new bike, since mine apparently decided to break itself and because I don’t have a bike, I haven’t been able to get out as much and so I’ve been feeling extra “stuck” and uninspired lately.
Still, It hasn’t been too bad since it seems winter won’t be letting go of us anytime soon. It’s still really bloody cold and dark outside and the freezing cold, mixed with a biting wind and rain makes for a really poor cocktail that I wouldn’t want to be out in regardless. It’s because of this, that it’s important to make sure you are properly dressed before venturing outside and so I thought I would put together a few quick and easy tips to help you (and me as well) stay warm during this godforsaken season where snow is apparently a thing of the past and spring is so far in the future that it’s not even worth thinking about.

  • Layer up:
    This is so so easy and so SO important! Especially during winter time! Layering is a big part of dressing for winter because you need to be able to be comfortable both outside but inside as well. Sneaking a pair of tights underneath your jeans or styling your favourite oversized sweater with a thinner turtleneck or dress shirt underneath are both really good ways to stay both warm AND stylish in the cold winter months and it’s so so easy as well. My go-to outfit recently has been a sweater with a long t-shirt underneath and straight legged jeans with boots. It’s easy, it’s warm and it’s stylish. Exactly what you need when it’s pissing down outside.
  • Accessorize:
    Beanies, scarves and gloves are all essential winter wear accessories and can really lift an otherwise dull outfit to new heights. Especially if you have a black or neutral coloured jacked. Besides, it’s fun to mix and match bold colours and cosy fabrics! A perfect win/win!
  • Knits, knits and more knits:
    Now, I know I complain a lot about the winter weather but because of the shitty weather, we get to wear knits and if there is anything I’m grateful to the winter for its knitted things. As most of you know, sweaters are one of my favourite things about this time of year and should absolutely be celebrated. Knitted things like sweater, beanies and socks are cosy, chunky and overall they simply just make you feel good. They’re also the most recurring item for me when I think about my winter outfits and there’s a very good reason for that. They are both warm and stylish and you can get them in every colour you could possibly want. They are the ultimate winter essential and like I mentioned in my first point, they are easy to style.

Now, I also quickly want to mention that lip balms, face creams and hand moisturizer are all also absolutely essential for winter time but I’m thinking I will make a separate blog post about winter time skin care and my top favourite picks for each one, another time. Now I will return to planning out some more post/vlogs since, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve been feeling incredibly uninspired lately and that’s why it’s important to stay on top of things! Though, today has been a good day and I want to get a lot more done before I completely deflate on my bed, with a chai latte later tonight.
Let me know if you have suggestions or ideas, I am all ears! (Hey, that rhymed, haha!)

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Photo by Nielsen Arenas on Unsplash


  • Myriad

    I really enjoyed this post and think it would’ve been even better if maybe you included some photos of your own winter clothing! Even just some old photos from your IG as I think you have an amazing/contemporary style =)

    Also some random ideas for the future! :
    – How you do your daily hair and makeup
    – What it’s like going back into education after a break
    – Things to do/not to do when visiting Denmark
    – How to stay motivated during the dreary winter months!

    I hope any of those are good and that I’m not just waffling – also best of luck with your studies! =) x

  • Clementine Mulvihill

    I loved this post! It’s been unbearably chilly where I am now and we’ve had to bundle up extra. I just hate that I get all bundled up and then I walk to class and get over heated, but that’s what layers are for!

    I’d love to hear anything about school! Your degree sounds interesting and you’ve gone about college differently than I have. I’d be interested in hearing about your experience!

  • ShaunaMariexo

    Love wearing big hoodies and beanies when it’s cold! I’ve never thought of doing leggings under jeans and I may have to try that.
    Also, yes to the blog about skin care in winter! I get the worst chapped lips and dry hands!

  • Ashley Bingham

    I completely understand your love for sweaters! They’re so cozy and warm, and they can be super stylish.

    I’d love to see more recipes if you have any! I think it may also be fun do do something related to art? You said you’ve been doing a lot of commissions tetley, so maybe you can talk about your art journey or your set up, or your favorite music to listen to while drawing.

  • La Dame Who Fell To Earth

    The tights under jeans thing is actually the best advice ever for winter! Wearing a body as well actually is another way to layer that I swear by, especially if its a thick material.
    I would love to see a skin care post from you Wiishu! also I think that if you posted some photos of you and your style it would be amazing because I love your minimal scandi aesthetic as well as the cute looks you come up with! I hope the chai latte will help you tonight <3

  • Catherine T.

    After moving back up to the American Midwest for college, I definitely had to follow tips like these to make sure I stay warm haha. Right now we have that wonderful wet snow that few articles of clothing can defend against. In terms of inspiration, I really enjoy the writing of your blogs? Your sarcasm and diction make me chuckle (not to sound too English major haha). Maybe you can consider writing something creative, like poetry or a short story?? I’d love to read that. Otherwise, good luck! Love seeing whatever you create.

  • pastyspov

    Oversized hoodies are my best friends in the winter, I always feel the cold so I like to have a bunch of layers, something to keep my ears warm and nice long sleeves to hide my hands in and my hoodies are perfect for that.

    I haven’t had much of a chance to be stylish this winter though, wearing my tidy clothes as I battle through calf high mud in driving rain and wind probably won’t end well XD

  • Zinnia27

    Hey Signe! Awesome post. I’m definitely gonna try to implement these things into my life. Tbh I am also feeling “stuck” and uninspired. That’s a good way to put it. And also depressed. Currently trying out therapy and counselling at college. Hope everything is going well for you! Take care of yourself and keep posting awesome stuff. Have a good day!

  • Zinnia27

    Also Signe. I have a blog post suggestion. I don’t know if you’ve done a post similar to this, but can you write a post describing your experience with minimalism and the whole “less is more” saying? (you do consider yourself minimalistic right?) I think that would be very interesting to read.

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