An updated Christmas shopping Guide – Tips&Tricks, Gift ideas and Where To Shop Them

Now that we are tip-toeing juuust at the edge of December, It’s time to start thinking about what to gift your loved ones for Christmas. Christmas gift shopping is one of my favourite things to do during the cold winter months. Is it stressful? Absolutely! And you will always worry about if what you gave was enough, but in the end, I just love figuring out what to give each person. Snuffing out all the good deals is so much fun and wrapping the gifts up beautifully for the evening (or morning, depending on where you live) It’ll finally be opened, is worth all the hassle to me.

Last year I would have been long finished by now but this year had different plans for me and I have been thrown a little off my usual course. I am, as a matter of fact, a couple of presents short. Though I can still brag about the fact that I have started at least!
I always try to get in on the good deals during Black Friday as well as the following Cyber Weekend but sometimes it slips. Some of you may be in a similar situation and so I thought I would present (HAH) you guys with some gift ideas, some general tips and tricks for shopping during the holidays as well as some good websites to go shopping for the last gifts before December hits us for good.

My general Shopping Tips&Tricks:

Let’s start with some general tips to keep in mind before you get started. These mostly pertain to online shopping, as I myself do most of my Holiday shopping online and it’s generally what I prefer but they can also be applied to street shopping as well:

  • Create a shopping list before you go looking for deals:
    Gather wish lists from everyone you need to get presents for and write your own personalised Christmas gift shopping list, complete with options for which stores to go to for each item. Though make sure to keep it a secret and out of reach from anyone who’s a little too curious about what you’re getting them.
  • Create a budget:
    Budgeting is never fun but some restraint has to be applied during the holidays if you are a starving student like myself. Figure out how much you have as well as how much you want to spend on gifts before you go shopping. That way you’ll have a small estimate of the price range of the gifts you will have to get, plus you won’t be flat-out broke when January finally comes around.
  • Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for sales and/or promo codes:
    Companies usually plug a lot of sales codes during the holiday seasons so keep a watchful eye on your favourite stores and influencers to make sure you get the best deals.
  • Always account for shipping prices and delays when shopping online:
    This step is super important as you don’t want to send/order something in good faith, only to find out that it won’t arrive on time. This is especially prevalent during the holidays.

My Personal Christmas Gift Ideas and Where To Shop Them:

Now that we are prepared, here are some personal gift ideas from me to take inspiration from as well as some suggestions to websites you could visit to find your perfect Christmas gifts:


Here I’ve chosen a couple of popular fall/winter items that could be great gifts for a lucky lady in your life! I was mostly thinking about my sisters when making this. F.x. in my home, jewellery is always a home-run. Gift a beautiful ring/necklace/bracelet on its own or combine it with a colourful sweater or a small piece of makeup, to make your gift even more special!

Where to shop:


Here I’ve chosen items featuring a very nordic design. They fit into almost any home and won’t clash too much with existing decorations. They are simple, elegant and useful. Besides, who doesn’t love a good plaid or a new duvet set to snuggle in after Christmas? You’ll be a fam-favourite in no time! *wink*

Where to shop:


These I included mostly because in Denmark we love to host Christmas parties with lots of games that usually, somehow, involves either presents, alcohol or both. Secret Santa is also a thing most places around the world and so I thought I would include some personal suggestions for some small affordable, exchangeable gifts.

Some nice tea or coffee are also great gifts, as they are things most people use during wintertime. Some cool socks or a nice phone case are also gifts most would be happy to receive. Chocolate is also always a good idea and if you live in Denmark (like I do) you can often find them with salt-liquorice coating! They’re much nicer than they sound and if you know someone who doesn’t like them, you could always trick them by removing the label. *wink*

Where to shop:

And there you have it! Hopefully, you feel a small bit better prepared to tackle the absolute madness that is Christmas gift shopping after reading this. If you have other gift ideas, feel free to share them in the comments! Christmas is all about giving after all. So share your ideas and let’s help each other make the gift shopping go as smooth as possible this year.

Happy shopping!

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Featured photo by Caley Dimmock on Unsplash


  • Ashley Bingham

    Thanks for the tips! I’m the same as you, picking out the perfect gift for all my friends and family is just so much fun! There are even times when I think that giving those presents to people are more fun than actually receiving presents. The best feeling in the world is when you aren’t sure what to get someone, but then you come across the perfect thing for them. Those moments always make me so happy! And don’t worry, you’re not the only one who hasn’t finished shopping! Plus, a lot of my family have birthdays around this time, so I have to get Christmas and Birthday presents still!

  • Luci-Morningstar812

    I’m definitely going to use some of these tips next year!

    This year has just been very tough and with all the personal stuff going on, it wasn’t until this month that my mind could finally focus on Christmas, so I’m definitely going to be a few gifts short and might have to give some IOUs to people

    • wiishu

      It seems that these last couple of months have been rough for a lot of people.
      All the more reason to spread some cheer! I’m glad you could use some of these tips and I hope you get everything sorted in time! Good luck!

  • Mikayla

    Thanks for this Wiish! I’ve been struggling with Christmas gift ideas as my little sister is soooo hard to shop for but hopefully these tips and tricks will help me out a little bit!

    Oh! I hope you have a very wonderful Christmas and a wonderful 2019 as well, you deserve it! 🙂

    • wiishu

      Yeah sisters can be tough to shop for. I know that feeling all too well! Hopefully you find something and thank you for the well wishes!
      I hope you have a lovely Christmas too!

    • FuseBC

      Will do 🙂 it will be after this weekend. So far I’m getting my mom a willow tree figure. I’ll send you a screenshot of it 🙂

  • Clementine Mulvihill

    I wrote two lists this year, one for me and one for shopping. Luckily, everyone I get gifts for gave me ideas earlier in the year! Now I just have to do the buying… These are good ideas for if I’m ever in a pinch for a Christmas gift. And thank you for reminding me to be aware of shipping dates! Makes me think I should have started ordering gifts already.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season if we don’t hear from you until the new year!

  • Myriad

    Thanks for this! I’ve not started shopping yet so I really aught to start making some extensive lists!
    Also what are you studying? Good luck with it! =) x

  • Funke

    You have now in two posts talked about being a student, so I’m wondering what it is that you are studying? 🙂

  • Zinnia27

    Hey Signe! Good for you for starting your Christmas shopping early. I haven’t started yet at all. Gotta get on that pretty soon.
    Also, I didn’t know you are a student…?! What are you studying? Hope it’s going well! I’m in college now and I’m studying social service work.
    Anyway, thanks for posting this. This will definitely help me out with my shopping.

  • brynn (@thetinykiwi)

    thanks dude! I sent this to my mom since she’s been having trouble finding something special for my aunt, so that’s pretty neat. I’ll letcha know if she uses it. :^)

    also…I wiishu a happy december…I’m a horrible punny person but you get the message. ;p

  • voidskelly

    Oh, bless you for including links. It makes shopping just a tiny bit easier! I’ve got my main folks out of the way but I’m still working on a few others! You would think buying for the people you love would be easy–after all, you spend so much time with them! But for some reason that makes it so much worse because you want to make sure you get a gift that suits them. I’ve taken a habit of buying multiple little things and compiling them together–but I’ll surely look into these handy links for the gifts I still have to buy!

    Hope your Christmas goes well and that you get to have some good new memories with the people you love. Take care now!!

  • ros

    I’m loving your christmas posts! I saw your instagram story where you cooked a Christmas snack (?) (it wasn’t the apple bacon recipe though). Maybe you could post about snacks you liked or the recipe? I just thought it was cool because I’ve never heard of it before, being in south east asia we don’t really do christmas snacks and I would love to try make ones that aren’t just smores and hot cocoa 😀 cheers!

  • wiishu

    Too expensive! Gotta get in on the good deals when we can haha!
    Glad you liked it despite not celebrating though. Hopefully it can still be useful in some small way!

  • brynn (@thetinykiwi)

    just saw your new video, I’d love to see some stuff about life in denmark and danish culture! I’m actually (trying) to learn the language and would love to go on foreign exchange so that would be really interesting (also a pen pal would be appreciated to help me learn because good god…I’ve been learning chinese for like 7ish years now and I swear I’m not sure which one is harder).

    as far as questions go…what was the process of moving your plants like? I’m a plant mom myself who is going to college next year (and is *technically* an adult now…oh jeez) so…any tips for the least amount of casualties? I don’t want my babies to die…

  • Maxwell

    Hey Signe, I hope you’re having a wonderful day! I was wondering, are there going to be any additions to the mercy shop?

  • Zinnia27

    Hey Signe! I was wondering if you could give me tips on what I could get my 13-year-old brother for Christmas. I’m really struggling with finding the right gift for him. He enjoys video games a small bit, is big on technology and stuff, and is very sporty. But I’m not sure where to start looking or what to get him. Anyone have any ideas? That’d be really helpful.

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