Scandinavian Christmas Home Decor Tips & Inspo.

It’s FINALLY December! Is it just me or has November been way too long? In any case, we should celebrate December because we are now officially allowed to get excited for Christmas! No one can tell us that we are playing Christmas songs “too early” anymore. We are also free to decorate as much and as maniacally as we possibly want, which actually leads me to today’s blogging topic: Christmas Decorations

Being from Denmark, I’ve grown up with a pretty standard Scandinavian Christmas: Homemade Christmas decorations, gløgg, æbleskiver, candles in every possible corner of the house and elves crawling up and down walls to get to their rice pudding. It seems simple and it is. That’s what’s so good about it and what Christmas boils down to in the end. Of course, there is a loose religious undertone (It IS J.C.’s birthday after all) but it’s lost its focus over the years. Now I feel like Christmas is much more simplistic in nature and more about enjoying the moments, the people and the food.

In Scandinavia, we like to keep our Christmas decorating simplistic as well. Simplistic but down to earth (and I say that quite literally*). That doesn’t mean that it’s ever boring though or any less cosy. In Denmark especially, we love bringing the concept of “hygge” in wherever and whenever we can.

“Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah) is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special.” –

Christmas is full of ‘hygge’ and your home should become a reflection of that, especially during the holidays. So here are my top tips on how to decorate “the Scandinavian way”:


  • Geometric shapes:
    Geometric shapes in your Christmas decor will bring a much more modern look to your home. Use fx. beautifully folded paper ornaments or some simple metallic golden ones to bring a breath of fresh air to your tree this Christmas.
  • *Bring nature inside:
    Scandinavians love bringing nature into our homes. So, of course, a tree in the living room is not enough! Use furs, knits, pine, pinecones, moss, wood, basically, anything you can think of that might do well in a bowl or a decoration. Bring branches inside and hang ornaments from them for another chic, eye-catching decoration.
  • Lighting is important:
    Natural lighting is the best so decorate with lots of candles,  scented candles (I recommend: cinnamon, pine and firewood), tea lights and try using ‘warm white’ coloured fairy lights for your tree to really bring out all the beautiful colours of the ornaments you have decorated with.
  • Use neutral colours:
    Browns, greys, whites, blacks, gold, silver, bottle green, wine red are all staples of a Scandinavian Christmas! Try to incorporate them as best you can.
  • Simplicity is key:
    You don’t want to over decorate! A couple of your favourite smelling candles in the windowsill, a branch with your favourite baubles and a cosy furry throw over the back of the sofa and you’re off to a solid start.
  • Homemade is the way to go:
    You can also make your own ornaments and decorations yourself.
    In my family, we have a tradition of meeting up at my granny’s house to make our own Christmas decorations. We do all this while singing along to our favourite Christmas songs, drinking mulled wine and eating traditional Danish Christmas foods. It’s incredibly budget friendly and is a lot of fun! If you are a crafty or artistic person, I definitely recommend it!

So there you have it! A little bit of Nordic inspiration for the Holiday season. Remember to put on your favourite Christmas tunes while decorating to really get into the Holiday spirit!

Happy decorating!

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Featured Photo by Mourad Saadi on Unsplash


  • FuseBC

    My room is a small little area which has neutral colours with some woodland themes. At Christmas I have a small little tree (when I say small I mean small, it’s 45cm tall) in the corner and some thick tinsel draped across my ceiling with small copper lights and it really makes my room Christmasy. I 10000000% agree that simple decorations are so affective. Any who, have you got an advent calendar? I have a Snowman and SnowDog Thornton’s one. I never have candle ones as I despise the smell of cinnamon. And I can’t have beauty ones as I have sensitive skin. Bit long sorry :/ but hope you have a great day and I also have brought ALL of my Christmas presents now 🙂

    • wiishu

      I don’t have an advent calendar. I’ve never really had one ever actually, so Tend yo forget to buy one.
      Good on you for still decorating even though your room is small. That’s festive spirit right there!

  • ShaunaMariexo

    That sounds lovely and beautiful! I love hearing about everyone’s different styles of decorating/celebrating a holiday. It’s so much fun to decorate for Christmas! We just put up our decorations and while we aren’t that simplistic, we don’t over do it either!
    I love the idea of homemade ornaments, etc. that sounds like a ton of fun!

  • Clementine Mulvihill

    This sounds so nice! My family definitely doesn’t overdecorate, but our decorations are very family tradition based. Basically, everything means something. We don’t decorate by theme, like some do, or throw Christmas everywhere like others do. It just feels incredibly cosy. I really like the idea of bringing nature inside and making your own Christmas decorations. It sounds perfect for getting into the festive season! I’m loving the peeks into traditional Scandinavian culture you’re giving us. I would so love to visit one day.

  • brynn (@thetinykiwi)

    Yay! I’m just gonna assume that you took my suggestion about talking about stuff related to Denmark…probably not the case, but the thought makes me happy so I’m just gonna roll with it.

    I’m honestly really excited for all the Christmas stuff at the moment. Me and my mom splurged because we saw this REALLY cute peanuts mailbox lawn decoration at home depot (it’s got a little snoopy and woodstock sitting on top and it opens and closes and has a little tree in it)! And I’ve been jamming out to the new deluxe version of warmer in the winter (and managed to nab some free tickets for her wanderland christmas tour!).

    Can you tell from the rambling that I’m excited? :^)

  • wiishu

    I do actually like the trip trip ones haha! I see what you mean though. Good on you for doing Christmas your own way though. That’s awesome!

  • Lizzy

    We put our decs up today! I actually have a bit of a disliking to putting up our decorations because it takes so long, especially as my sister likes having everything the way it was the year before. Personally I’m all up for the simplistic approach and everything you mentioned here just sounds so nice. A cosy and simplistic christmas is definitely the way I’ll go when I have to decorate on my own ^^
    I’m so happy to see your blog doing so well by the way! Keep up the amazing work!

  • kiwilium

    Sadly, we don’t celebrate Christmas in Turkey but it is always nice to hear some tips and tricks. I LOVE being all festive around new year. This “Scandinavian Way” of decorating works perfect for me since it sounds way more natural and “not in your face(?)” than the usual. Also, “hygge” is such a beautiful and useful word! I wish we had a equivalent of it :’D

      • kiwilium

        Nothing special, for me, usually a small get together with friends. We would do secret santa with our teachers supervision and exchange gifts on new year’s Eve when we we’re little. As for Christmas we do nothing at all. Actually I thought Christmas and new year was the same thing for the longest time. I think a lot of people here still doesn’t know the difference (There is almost no Christians living here.). Because everyone thinks they are the same holiday, it is possible to find decorations but there is few options to choose from. For that, I like to take my time and make handmade decorations. It feels more unique and cozy.

        • wiishu

          Ah I see! That’s pretty unusual but I gotta admit, I think it’s really cool! Unfortunately Christmas IS a very christian holiday (which I often forget). Combining it with New Years is brilliant though and much more efficient!
          And homemade decor is always the coziest haha!

  • Alexis Smith

    Honestly i never really knew about your blog till about a month ago. A friend had recommended it to me, and I love everything about this blog!

  • wiishu

    Tusind tak! Jeg har overvejet at lave endnu en blog med dansk indhold, men jeg skal lige tænke lidt mere over det haha.
    Glædelig Jul!

  • Emma

    Ah yes, Christmas time. Happy holidays to all and hope that your homes looks awesome! Can’t wait to do something with my house ^-^

  • Eileen Brighton

    I’ve had the plan to move to somewhere in Scandinavia for a long time (Sweden or Denmark)! This gave me a lot of ideas for fitting in when it’s around the holiday season! I love the writing in this.

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