My autumn home decor edit (and where I like to shop it)

So since I’ve recently moved and autumn is all around us I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the places I really love to go home decor shopping, as well as some items I’m lusting after this fall. Because fall really is the time for being indoors isn’t it? Fluffing your pillows, lighting the candles and cozying up in your favorite chair with a cup of tea and a good book. Might as well make it look good while we’re at it!

I haven’t gone home shopping for furniture in a long time but when I do, I usually find myself at IKEA. IKEA has everything, especially good cheap essentials for when you are just moving out. It’s where I go for all the basics like pots and pans, coat hangers and organization tools. The quality might not be sublime but in my opinion, its definitely worth it for the price.
Their furniture selection is also quite good and if there’s anything I enjoy spending an entire day on, it’s walking through IKEA’s many displays while trying out all their beds and sofas to see if they would be worth considering. It always reminds me of that moment in 500 Days of Summer, where Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Dechanel are pretending to be living in the displays and somehow end up NOT getting kicked out even though they end up making out in one of the beds! Probably the most unrealistic part of the whole movie!


Another place I really love to get smaller bits and bobs from, is H&M’s home section. It’s a great place to find some cute scented candles or the perfect throw for your new sofa. I go in there a lot just to browse ideas but often end up walking out with something instead. It’s too irresistible and their displays are always so pleasing to look at.

Sinnerup is a smaller place that I haven’t really seen any other places than Denmark but if you are from the home country, then I definitely suggest giving it a look. I love that place! Mostly for browsing though, as their displays are to die for and so aesthetically pleasing, that you leave feeling like you should have taken pictures of everything.


Last on my list is Zara’s home section. I went there a lot when I lived in Brighton and while they do have some really cool things, they tend to be quite pricey. The quality of the items are good though so you definitely get your money’s worth. I especially like to look at their side tables. They have a lot of cool wooden ones that makes me think I need more of those kinds of things in my own living room.


A bonus mention is Søstrene Grene. It’s a small-ish shop that deals in both home decor and DIY  but also organic, eco-friendly food products and candies. Every time I walk in there, I can instantly feel myself relaxing. They always have classical music (or Christmas music during Christmas) playing over the speaker system and a great display of all sort of cute little bits and bobs that you know you don’t need but want anyway. In Denmark they also sell really good salt licorice there so if you’re ever in need of those, I recommend looking there!

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  • Layah West

    I love autumn so much! I love the changes in leaf colour. My favourite one is the tones of reds. I just grab a few nice leaves and place them around the house 🙂

  • Luci-Morningstar812

    IKEA is the best honestly! I’ve loved going since I was like 4 and I’ve bought a few cacti from there, as well as most of the furniture in my bedroom and other organisational things

  • L

    aw your posts are always so fun to read. Everything looks so aesthetic and I am living for it ! I’m also so ready for sweater weather as well. The cold seasons are my favourite. What’s a favourite book and tea combination you’re loving right now?
    Thanks as always for the lovely posts <3

  • JewelGauthier

    Fall, IKEA, and 500 Days of Summer in one post? Yes please! It’s really nice to see you’re keeping up with your blog. It’s always interesting to see what topic you bring up next. Hope you’re taking care of yourself!

    • wiishu

      Yeah I wanted to make that references since it always pops into my head when I’m at IKEA!
      I actually want to do updates more often but I haven’t quite figured out a good schedule yet. Glad you like it though!

  • Ashley Bingham

    I’m always such a sucker for home decor!! I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten older and into adulthood, home decor shopping has become one of my favourite things to do, even if it’s just little things like cute pots for my cacti or even bigger furniture pieces. It’s so fun fun to get creative with it!

    • wiishu

      Yeah I’m the same! I have noticed it as I have gotten older as well that I love picking up some flowers or scented candles as a way of “treating” myself haha. Idk, I think the whole danish concept of ‘hygge’ (which I want to write about sometime too) is just too ingrained in me!

  • Clementine Mulvihill

    I love IKEA! We went there when my father was moving into a temporary apartment and when I moved into college. It’s crazy how one place manages to carry everything you need in every stage of your life :p This post is so aesthetically pleasing to look at as well. It makes me want to redecorate my dorm room for autumn!

    • wiishu

      Right? It’s just a super handy place!
      I’m really glad you like the post! I’ll try and experiment more with these types of posts. 🙂

  • Katara0524

    Omg, I *love* IKEA. I’m actually going there tomorrow to get a new bed for my sister lol. Autumn is also my favorite time of year, mainly because the overall aesthetic and holiday season drawing near. On another note, I love your blog so much, Signe! I always love seeing what you have to share haha. Good luck with the new house!

  • Alicia Escobar

    I have only been to Ikea once, but I have to say it was a super fun experience. When I do move out, I will definitely give Ikea another visit. I love H&M, didn’t know they had little trinkets for home. I will absolutely look closer next time I’m in their store.

    • wiishu

      Yeah they haven’t advertised their home section as much as their clothing section (which I get) and I think that’s a shame because they have some really cute things!

  • NiaEva

    I’ve heard/been to IKEA and H&M (and absolutely loved their things) but I’ve never heard of Zara. However, just a quick look at their website and I’m sold! Not only do they have a Halloween section (which is absolutely wonderful) but I peeked at their Christmas baubles and fell in love! Zara is definitely a new place I look forward to purchasing from! 🙂

    Have a great day!!!

    • wiishu

      Moving is always stressful but once it’s over you get to fill your own space with what you want and design your own space exactly how you want it and in my opinion, that’s so incredibly liberating!
      Good luck with it!

  • wiishu

    I can definitely relate to that! IKEA is an adventure all on its own though but if you have a couple of hours on hand, I definitely recommend trying it!

  • wiishu

    Thanks, I am trying to make it my own as much as I can and make the best of it. All the home window shopping is definitely helping haha.

    Hope you get to swing by an IKEA again soon!

  • icefiredragon23

    I really like Ikea! I really like that the shelves don’t “go out of fasion” on a seasonal period, I like when my bookshelves all match in the same room and since I have a lot of books I always end up needing more shelf room, so I have four shelf the exact same from over a four year span. Also, usually they have the colour selections you want for a desk to match the shelves they have them!

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