A new chapter…

The big news dropped last night and I know it came as a shock to most of you but we are both moving forward from this with our best interests in mind. I urge you all strongly to move past this as we have done, so we can all go back to enjoying what we enjoy. For me that is my blog, my Youtube channel and my Instagram. I want to write more frequently and post more often and somehow find a way to connect all these social medias together, into a seamless, self-renewing, content platform. I love what I do and even though these past couple of months have been incredibly stressful (I only broke down once, so I’m proud of that) I feel guilty that I have slipped up in regards to content, especially on Youtube. Youtube was never the major drive for me. In all honesty I like blogging better because I have a fiery passion for photography but I would love to get better with the cinematic aspect of things as well. I don’t know how anything is going to go after this but I have a lot of ideas in regards to content that I want to explore.
This is a new chapter in a very long book and I can’t wait to explore the upcoming pages.


In any case, I feel I should at least update you a little on my situation as a whole. I am back in Denmark now and am trying my best to get settled, find an apartment etc. as fast as possible. It’s been tough but I am pulling through and have both family and friends here to help me get back on my feet.
I do however hope to return to Brighton sometime in the future because It made a really big impression on me and I ended up falling madly in love with the place. If you ever have the chnace to visit, I wholeheartedly recommend it. If you fancy reading about some bloggers from there here are a few quick recommendations from me: TheAnnaEdit, Lauren Britton, Lola hoad.

All in all, there is no knowing what’s in store for me or from me for that matter but I will do my best to get this up and running as smoothly and as seamlessly as I can. Finally, I want to just say thank you for being so supportive and generally just lovely throughout this. I’ve seen nothing but positive messages and words of comfort and that really means a lot. You guys ROCK! And I hope you’ll continue reading and watching me in the future.



  • Hannah Steele

    Please take your time with getting back into social media. As much as you love YouTube and blogging, there is absolutely no rush to get back into it and we all completely understand if you need some more time. I really hope you’re doing okay, you’re such a strong woman and I will continue to support you as I have done for many years, with whatever you do. Sending lots of love to you my dear ❤️

  • Jasmin

    I’m really sorry this happened. I wish you the best moving forward. Break ups can be hard but if you have the right people in your life to distract you and keep you happy from it then that’s all that matters. I’m still going to keep supporting you. I love your blog posts and videos and who you are. You’re a lovely, amazing person. We’re all here for you ❤️

  • S33dot

    Looking forward to reading/watching the new chapters in both of your lives. Wishing you all the best Signe and can’t wait to see what you create in the future.

  • Connie

    I wish you the best! I’m so excited to see what you’ll do next with your blog/YouTube ❤ Keep it up girl

  • Sohaila

    I was so sad when i heard the news but i am really happy that you moved on and i am Happy that you are feeling better now stay strong we all support youin everything you do and keep posting your beautiful photos on Instagram as your photos inspire me a lot ❤️❤️

  • BeckyPud

    I’m so happy you’re both moving forward, and not getting caught up in the past. You’re such a strong person, and I wish you all the best in the future. I’ll never stop supporting you in what you do! xx

  • Manda

    Lovely content, Wiishu! You and I are in similar stages of life, and I appreciate your unique and relatable voice. I can’t wait to see more of your writing and photography, and your style and aesthetic is really inspiring. Keep doing you, Signe! I’ll definitely be here for it 😀

  • Shannon Kayleigh Lusk

    I completely respect both of your decisions and wish you both the best. I think you’re both wonderful people and I enjoy both your content. I’m glad you have people to support you and that you’re looking forward in life ^u^. Don’t feel ashamed to feel sad about it once in awhile, nor that you haven’t been as active as you would have liked. You have every right to take all the time you want and/or need, and just know that we’ll be here to support you. I hope people choose to respect your privacy, and that things go well.

    May you have peace of mind and a lovely life!


  • DC95

    You’ll be great. I just know it. Remember you are the only one who has the power to steer where you want to go in life. You want to get back to Brighton? Make it happen. Focus more on photography while still being financially secure? You’ll find a way if that’s what you really want. Don’t give up on those dreams and passions. You’re in control; you always have been and always will be. I’ve recently gone through something similar (just with a lot less public attention haha) and I can tell you it only gets better from here. So get to work! You’re dreams are waiting

  • Marie Wieler

    You are so strong girl! And I am really hoping to see what you do on YouTube and on your blogs! Really hoping that you get settled well in Denmark. And you fall in love with it just the way that you did with Brighton. Wishing you all the best!

  • ViralAngel

    Signe, i’m glad you’re doing okay! I cannot wait to see what lies ahead of you! I’ll support you no matter what! Love you! Also greetings from Arizona, home of the Cacti!

  • Carla R.

    You are an amazingly strong human being! I hope you settle in soon and that this whole transition process goes by smoothly! Take your time, we’re all here for you! ❤

  • Ashley Bingham

    So glad to see you having such a positive mindset! Good to see you staying strong through all that is going on in the media. I am so excited to be with you on this journey, as I know you’re gonna do amazing things in the future. I mean, you’ve come so far already just in these past few years! Feel free to take some time to get settled before jumping back into things. Love ya!

  • Madeline

    Glad to see you’re doing alright! Beautiful photos! I honestly can’t wait to see what the future holds for your blog. I love reading it so much <3

  • Lauren

    We all love you Signe. I love the content you create and I admire your talents, and I really am looking forward to seeing what you bring us in the future. Keep your head up, because you’re a Queen and you’re f-ing amazing. <3

  • Jayde Wilson

    I’ll stand by you no matter what. we are here for you girl. breakups can be hard. cry all you need to. Rant and eat all the ice cream you need. take your time to get yourself back together and work on your mental health. your mental health is more important then anything else we love you Signe I hope you feel better Keep going! don’t give up!

  • Jessie Zimmer


    I found you through Sean and I look forward to watch you grow you as you move forward. All the best to you as you start this new chapter of your life. Best to you, darling!


  • Kate Honan

    You are so goddamn amazing, Signe!! I always love your blog posts and look forward to many more in the future, I always get so inspired. =D Good luck with your move!! We’re always here for you.

  • Lyn

    ur an amazing wishing u nothing but the best moving forward…i love ur vids and blogs just take ur time and get back on feet,we will all be here for u no matter what..vids and blogs and most importantly ur commuinty u have built will be here for u whenever ur ready to get back out there…stay strong wishes and hugs

  • Mikayla

    As I said on Twitter, you are an incredible woman, Signe. Going through things like these are never easy especially when the world is watching. But I truly and wholeheartedly believe in you and I hope you do too!! You’ve got so many great things headed your way and I’m so beyond excited to find out what those are. Keep being amazing ❤️

  • Stephanie Gonzaga

    You are a beautiful person! Don’t listen to anybody spreading nasty rumors about you. I’m glad you are managing alright and you have unending support all around you. Keep being yourself! Be your own person! We all love you!

  • bristleeone (@bristlee1)

    Nicely written and an update that you did not have to give but it is appreciated none the less. I look forward to your ever transforming content and art. If you ever need any tips or tricks for photography, feel free to contact me, always happy to help.

  • Igs

    Nice nice. I definitely dont envy you: i would hate to have to always keep in mind the fact that there’s an audience watching you. Especially in situations like these. Anyway, im not gonna try to give you any advice because im shit at that so i hope things go well for you.

    Id love to live Brighton one day, so maybe ill see you there in the future ;))

  • Jessie


    I wish you all the best that the world has to offer. You need to take care of yourself first and then the rest will fall into place. You know what is best for you. Follow your heart.

    All the best,

    – Jessie

  • Jessica Mack

    I wish nothing but the best for both of you! I hope you continue to find reasons to keep your head up in the midst of your journey!
    Also, your writing style is really conversational and in such a lovely way!

  • brynn (@thetinykiwi)

    I stand by what I said in my last blog comment, you seem like a cool chick who I look forward to seeing more of in the future. Jack was never the reason that I started actually following you and supporting you (truth be told, I actually haven’t watched him in years). I follow you because I like YOU, and none of this changes that.
    Basically what I’m getting at is I’m looking forward to this new chapter of you and…I wiishu well (I had to sorry) <3
    Also just saying, but one break down IS pretty damn good (at least it's more than I can say for myself this past month, and I don't have the stress of an audience of people watching…except for that one time at starbucks but we don't talk about that ;p ).

  • Terry

    I found you through Sean but fell in love with your YouTube, blog, and Instagram because of you. I am here with you in this next chapter of your life. So let’s hold hands and run into this next chapter with excitement! I am ready!

  • Clementine Mulvihill

    I wish the best for you, Signe! Breakups are hard, but it sounds like you’ve got the perfect support system and you’re working through it. I can’t wait to see what comes next from you. You’ve quickly become one of my favorite content creators and I will continue to support you with any and all of your endeavors. Make your goals happen, I’m right behind you.

  • Camilla

    You’re going trough big changes and I think you’re very strong for handling it this way and I admire you for thinking at it as a new chapter! Excited to see what you’ll do in the future! <3 You got this!

  • Wolfie

    Breaking up is hard to do ♡ But be proud of what you had and where are going. We all still love you ♡♡

  • Zinnia27

    I’m sorry that happened to you woosh. But I hope you know that we are all here for you, whether it is on YouTube, your blog, or instagram, etc. I love you and your personality. You have inspired so many of us, including myself. You inspired me to create my own blog and you’ve helped me get through my social anxiety at times when it’s been hard to. Thanks Signe! Keep doing you! You’re doing a great job so far! 😀

  • Jo :)

    I am sorry for what has happened to you both, but I support your decisions regardless. You and Sean are your own persons! If you need time to heal, take as long as you need, darling! I’ll still be here!

  • CJKitty12

    I’ve been through the same thing (breakup and having to find a new home, etc) and trust me when i say that you come out of it even stronger. I admire how positive your outlook is, and i look forward to seeing more of your work – be it blog, video, or drawings.
    Much love, Christine

  • allisnders

    Awh Signe I’m sorry! I first knew you as Jack’s girlfriend but soon became to know you as someone I could relate too. Someone who was very inspirational and was an awesome fashion icon!!! (love your pants in these pictures btw haha). But we all love you for you, and whoever you are with is not your identity. Also I’m excited to see whats to come!

  • Dying Neutron Star

    Just saw that you and Sean have broken up and I just want to say that I love both of you for so many different reasons. If you two think it’s best I can’t blame you it has happened to anyone who has had a past relationship. Even though I discovered you as a person through Sean you pulled me in with this blog and with YouTube, not just as Sean’s now past partner. Neither of you can be to blame and it’s unfair that you took a large portion of the blame especially when you’re both hurting emotionally. I hope you all the best back in Denmark (even tho it lowers my chance of being able to meet you in person) and keep doing what you love and I hope you can power through this. You have my empathy and the best of wishes. You’re the best and don’t forget that!

  • Deenameetay H

    I’m sorry that this had to happen, and I’m going to miss seeing you guys together, but I’m sure it was for the best and I will always love watching what videos you did together. I really love your channel and blog and can only hope that the future holds only good things for you. Keep doing what you’re doing and I’m sure people out there like me will continue to support you!

  • Gena

    You do whatever it is that’s good for you at this time. I love seeing your pictures on IG and stuff, but I’m only an occasional blog reader. Sorry this had to happen. I’m not going to lie, I’m upset, but I’m sure it was for the best. I’m glad you’re doing okay and moving on. I love you loads. You’re so beautiful and kind. And I will always support your endeavors in any way I can.

  • Sepia

    I’m very excited to seeing what you post!! I love your content already and I’m eager to see how you improve. Only wishing you luck, health, and happiness.

  • Candy-Spades

    Wiish, I’ve always loved your content for what it is, I’ve always found it and especially you to be such a beautiful inspiring thing, and I still feel the same. Whenever it may be, I’m always happy to continue supporting you and your content, because it always inspires me and puts a smile on my face. You encourage me to be creative in my own ways and actually give a damn about the way I treat myself and my health. I sincerely wish you the best and happiest journey above all, and I’m positive things will get better for you. It always does.

    Sending lots of love your way.

  • savannah03b

    hey signe!!! sending you and Sean all the love in the world <3 really excited for the rest of your journey. you've really come so far!! proud of u.

    • Navi (@Rabbitafy)

      I’m so glad you’re doing better because you deserve so much better. You’re such a beautiful, honest person and I’ve loved your content since I first began watching you. I’m proud of you and I hope you’re doing your best to be proud of yourself. This is a hard time in your life but you’re being so, SO very strong and that is so powerful.

      I love you hun. You’re a wonderful soul.

  • Christine

    Glæder mig til at se hvad fremtiden bringer dig. Og håber du hurtigt falder til igen, her i lille DK. Men ingen stress, tag den tid du skal bruge, og som mange andre har skrevet, så venter vi på dig lige her… Det skønt at se du holder hovedet højt på trods af alle de forandringer der sker i dit liv, og hvis det hjælper dig, så lad os være en del af det og give dig den opbakning du fortjener… Gode ting kommer til gode mennesker. Kærlig hilsen Christine (Lilloh)

  • Jillian

    Wishing you all the best as you start a new chapter in life! Chapter endings are always bittersweet, but I really hope that the next chapter is full of new opportunities for you! We’re here for you!

  • Eden Fischer

    Good luck! It can be hard to get into the rhythm of posting across multiple platforms, but I know you can do it! Just take your time, and know that you have people that will support you along the way! ♥️

  • Sydney

    GLAd to see you have such a healthy mindset on moving forward. I’ve always been an admirer of your artistic endeavors as well as your lifestyle choices and even just your aesthetic haha. I wish you nothing but the best for the future Signe.

  • Mara Urquiaga

    Really happy to see the support you’re getting!! Hope everything turns out the way you want it. I’ll be watching and reading whatever you post wherever you post it, because I might’ve started watching your videos because of Sean, but I kept watching because of you and I really want to see what the future has in store for you. You got this, girl!! Keep it up!!

  • Nadi

    Things must be hard for ypu but now we will support you throughveach step of the way. I wish you luck for your future! ❤️❤️


  • MommaMya

    I’m not a big commenter on any social media, but I really enjoy what watch/read etc for you. I wish you all the best moving forward in this next chapter. We, who aren’t in the public eye, can only imagine how difficult this whole process has been. I hope that the communities you both have built will support you both in the future. I’m glad to see you have such a healthy attitude towards it all. I’m excited to see what adventures you take us on next, but please make sure you take the time you need to get re-adjusted to this new phase in life. Much love!

  • April

    I’m glad your trying to get back up on your feet and your looking at this in a positive way but remember we’re here for you we might not offer a lot but we’re still here to help you no matter what just keep that in mind

    – April

  • Chicafresa

    You have infinite paths to take. And so much is out there to look forward to. Just hang in there, Signe. We’ve got your back.

  • GARLIC_bulb

    We’re all here to support you and I’m so proud of you, wishing you the best of luck in whatever path you choose ♥

  • Jaycee Dahl

    You are so strong, amazing and beautiful! Wish I was a beautiful and strong as you. Sending you much love for your new chapter. I bet you will make a new amazing chapter. 🙂 stay strong hun.

  • Nittaya K.

    Ops, my finger pressed, but what I was trying to write is. As I hard I know it might be, I believe you can do it, just go forward and don’t look behind, but walk forward, there’s always a new journey on their way. I know you’ll enjoy Denmark as much I do, spend so much time with your families and friends and don’t give up, I believe in you, take a cup of tea and enjoy the weather and sight, I wish big luck from me to you, ill give you a lots of virtual hugs, and say “Gi’ ikke op, tag en pause, og start langsomt” love and hugs from Nittaya K 🙂

  • Lisa M.

    Love you both and I am so sorry to hear of this. I just wish I had words or actions that could instantly take the pain away. Looking forward to seeing your blogs and vids, and my thoughts and meditations are upon you both. Good luck to you and I can’t wait to see you continue being the strong, creative, beautiful young lady you are!

  • Jasmine Scholz

    I what love you do, Signe. I hope that you continue to do things that you love, and I will keep up to date with your blogs and social media pages. I would love to see more Youtube content, but do whatever you find fulfilling and good and I’m sure you’ll find happiness somewhere along the ways.
    Have an awesome day.
    Sincerely, Jasmine

  • Saga

    I’m really sorry about Sean breaking up with you, but I do hope that in the future he finds someone that makes him truly happy and you do too. Happiness is key!

  • Kira

    Completely understandable only you signe can understand your own path, we are all gonna be behind you in support x love you

  • Malcolm McLoughlin

    Love you, Signe! I know you will be super creative and inspiring in whatever you do. You’ll always be family to Val and I. Hope to show you around Paris sometime or grab some tasty sushi with you in Denmark. Head up and onward, Mally.

  • hopefulsnowdrifts

    Wiish-ing you nothing but the best. You have inspired me and so many others with your creativity, skills, and grace. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you accomplish in the future. Sending you lots of internet hugs! Any maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to give you one in person.

  • Finley Farmer

    Nothing but major support from here! I am so sad that you and Sean have had to move on, but ultimately it sounds like it was for the best. I am so proud of you for doing what you need to do for you. I wish you so much luck in your upcoming endeavors (with all the seamless social media stuff) and I look forward to your next video. I’ve missed you!

  • La Dame Who Fell To Earth

    I’m really sorry to hear that you’re going through such a rough time emotionally.
    But honestly I really love your content, Signe and seeing what you post on your instagram, blog and youtube because you’re just such a wonderful person and you’re so creative in everything you do.
    I’d love to see more of Denmark because it just looks so beautiful. Going forward you should know that you have so many people who support you and we are all here for you no matter what.

    I can’t wait to see more from you now that you’re starting out on something new but you’re going to do so amazing just wait <3

  • EmeraldBoxer

    Took me a while to think of a response to this without eeming super cheesy or anything. But I’m very glad that you’re moving forward. I admire that you confronted this and moved on, and I truly wish you the best of luck in your life! I have plenty of faith in you and will love your content unconditionally. Thank you for your courage and updates. Please don’t feel guilty and continue aking good care of yourself. That’s what matters most, as I’m sure you already know. Love you!

    • Renee

      Signe, I, as a mom of 3 daughters, am very proud of you. You handled this all with poise and dignity. Thank you for letting us into your life enough to share this news. I will definitely respect your and Sean’s privacy. And yes, I adore your videos and these beautiful photos! You have an amazing gift. What about an art like Collab with Maritza??? Or Amy? Thank you for being a positive role model for so many young girls.

      God bless you sweet Signe and success come to you always. ❤❤❤

  • sofia_whittie

    Why am i here??? Anyways I’m so sorry about what happened (i know it’s weird i didn’t write earlier but i just couldn’t), i’m sure you are moving forward and i wiish u (did u see what i did there 😉 ) the best in Denmark. You are an inspiration to a lot to us and i hope you enjoy December 🙂

    Farewell… bai,

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