The Autumn Edit

It’s FINALLY October which means I can finally justify my copious amounts of chai latte intake as well as my obsession with everything even remotely related to pumpkins. It’s the month of do many things I have been looking forward to all year. Halloween is one of them and even though I don’t celebrate it in the traditional sense (I’m looking at you Americans) I still find it cosy to light some candles and carve some pumpkins.
Another thing I’ve really looked forward to come October, is Autumn fashion. Most of us know the drill by now: Sweaters, flannel and lots of boots in different shapes and sizes. Though I don’t have any flannel on me at the moment, I do have some other bits and bobs that I would like to share with you. Some are old favorites which I’ve dug out of the closet, while others are new items that have easily made their way into my autumn wardrobe.

First up is this black over-sized H&M premium sweater. It’s all I’ve been wearing lately because it’s SO BIG. I don’t even have to wear pants with it (I do though, if just for public decency) and it’s very warm and cosy. It is a wool blend though which means it is a little itchy. I love it though and I’ve been looking for a nice black sweater for some time now. I’m glad I finally found it!


Next up are these lovely gold hoop earrings from TopShop (I couldn’t find them online in gold but here they are in silver instead).
I’ve been meaning to get a pair of hooped earrings since they seem to be all the rage at the moment. I like the trend, though when it comes to earrings and jewelry I tend to go for small and simple pieces but I was surprised that I actually ended up liking the bigger hoops better! Just goes to show that we should always challenge ourselves to try new things.

Lastly i have my black leather boots from Pull&Bear. Now even though these are an older wardrobe staple of mine, I still love them. I bought them last year and I’ve basically worn them ever since. They are very sturdy and last well, with mine only having very few scratches even after so long.
I don’t think they carry them anymore though, which is a shame but I found these on ASOS which are a good dupe!

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  • Jasmin

    One. You’re so pretty! Two. Fall is my favourite season! Everything is just so beautiful and calm. It’s such a relaxing month (plus it’s the perfect time for oversized sweaters!)

  • Fabiënne ❀

    first of all, you look amazing!! i love the glasses 🙂 second of all, i love the simplicity of your style. i usually wear more colorful looks but this makes me wanna go out and buy a million black sweaters 😀 enjoy autumn, signe!! go carve some pumpkins and relax, you deserve it! 🙂

  • Jayde Wilson

    how are you so pretty you’re a queen! I love the glasses too! I hope you are doing well and I hope you have a great day!

  • Ashley Bingham

    Couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the Americans celebrating Halloween comment! Guilty as charged! But Halloween is just that time of year where we get the excuse to have fun and dress up like that lol.
    I’ll agree that sweaters are warm drinks are probably the best part of autumn! I love snuggling up on the couch in an oversized sweater with a nice warm cup of hot cocoa. So relaxing!

  • Stephanie Gonzaga

    Yes we Americans are crazy lol
    But more importantly, you have a beautiful wardrobe :-). Better than I can pull off hahaha

  • Clementine Mulvihill

    Yaaaas, oversized sweater season!!!!! Love the touch of color that comes from the earrings, it’s perfect. I’m dying for a pair of shoes like that, thanks for the recommendation! Your style is amazing and I love the glasses on you <3

  • Igs

    I just got gifted my first pair of doc martins (even though my birthday was two months ago) and i have to say, i am SO ready for autumn. Bring it on British whether :))

  • Catherine T.

    Ugh yes, chai lattes for the win. If you haven’t tried it, I definitely recommend getting pumpkin spice syrup in the latte if you get it at Starbucks – if you haven’t already. And Autumn fashion is definitely a favorite! Get to wear all the cozy sweaters inside and outside the house – and people start judging you less for wearing mostly black, haha. Really enjoyed reading this post! 😀

    • wiishu

      I used to get the pumkin lattes from SB but I actually prefer chais! Funnily enough not Starbucks one though but Pret A Manger and Costa have really nice Chai lattes, mmm-mm!!

      • Jayde Wilson

        I honestly have never had Starbucks or fancy lattes. I just drink coffee and put pumpkin spice creamer in it

      • Catherine T.

        Oo yeah, the chai lattes from Pret and Costa taste more… I dunno, real? Can definitely taste the chai in them haha. Also can’t go wrong with the classic chai! Since they offer pumpkin spice in the fall though, I always find myself getting the pumpkin spice chai at least once xD

  • brynn (@thetinykiwi)

    my birthday is in less than a month (november 9th is the big 18 AH) and so I just want to thank you for helping me come up with a wishlist, because I am horrible at it. plus, I mean, FALL STUFF (can you tell it’s my favorite season yet?) ;p

  • EmeraldBoxer

    Autumn is the most anticipated season of year for me. Not too hot nor old (where I live, at least) and I get to wear more of what I like. I just love the month of October, as well. Everything about is just cozy and nice to me. I quite enjoy it, and I’m glad someone agrees! ^^

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