The classic white tee – What to look for

A plain white t-shirt is, in my opinion, something everyone should own. It’s a timeless classic and a staple in my own wardrobe. It goes with everything and you can style it however you want. Up or down, night in or out. Nothing is off-limits with a white tee and it’s because of that, that it’s recently become my go-to for figuring out what I’m wearing for the day. It’s been the most consistent thing I’ve thrown on in the mornings recently and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. It’s just so easy!
However, when looking for t-shirts I’ve found it can be quite an annoying process if you don’t know what you’re looking for. That’s why I made a list of some helpful tips about what to look for, that has personally helped me through shopping for the perfect white tee.

Sleeve length:
This has become a serious pet peeve of mine over the years. The sleeve length on women’s tees has always been obnoxiously short. It’s so incredibly annoying!
Every time I go into a store and find a t-shirt I like, the length of the sleeves is the first thing I look for because I’ve always thought a proper t-shirt has sleeves that go down to around the middle of your upper arm, maybe even a little longer than that. So if the sleeves are shorter than that, I automatically put it back.

Fabric quality:
Another things that’s important to check for is the fabric the t-shirt is made out of and more importantly, how thin it is. Women’s tee’s always tend to be incredibly thin and almost see-through. Look for a good sturdy fabric. It might be a little pricier but it will last you longer and it saves you a bunch of trouble in the long run.

The fit/cut:
Most importantly is the fit of the t-shirt. I personally like my t-shirts to be quite loose and oversized so I always tend buy a size up. That’s also why I don’t mind going searching for a good tee in the men’s section. Usually they’ll have less see-through shirts as well so if you are having trouble finding what you need in the women’s section, I wholeheartedly recommend checking the men’s section before you move on!

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  • Luci-Morningstar812

    The men’s section is my go to for literally anything. Men’s or unisex because the quality always seems to be so much better than the thin material of a lot of women’s tops, and the sizing is more reliable

    I’ve never really thought about wearing a white t-shirt since my wardrobe is exclusively dark colours with the occasional colourful merch, but I might have a look and try it in future! (when I’m not taking my dog out and will get covered in hair)

  • Mikayla

    ok WOW QUEEN! You’re so absolutely beautiful!
    Men’s section in any store is always my go to for basically anything I want, pants shoes, hoodies, underwear, you name it! Probably because I’m not much of a “girly-girl” so to speak, but I’ve recently found that their clothing quality is just so much comfier and just better in general.

  • JC Scott

    I try to avoid white. I am honestly a five year old in a 25 year old’s body. I spill everything everywhere. White just does not survive my clumsiness. On another note i have recently started buying shoes from the mens sections because not only are the shops here obsessed with pink as the only colour women should wear, they also price up woman’s clothes way more than the men’s. Thirdly i assume you take those picture of yourself. How are you so good at that? Is it they artist in you shinning through?

  • Tara

    I agree 100% on the men’s section. The sheer-Ness (is that a word lol) of women’s shirts is insane. I hateven having to wear 2 shirts because of it. You pics on this are amazing!

  • Clementine Mulvihill

    First of all, those pictures are amazing! You look so good! Style icon <3

    A plain white t-shirt is something I don't think I have ever owned, but you make a compelling argument. I've been trying to break out of my t-shirts and hoodies only wardrobe and your very chill and supportive jaunt into fashion has really been helping. I'll definitely look into getting a plain white tee now.

  • nomalany

    Hi Signe, haven’t read your blog in a while and just now stumbled upon this and agree on everyrhing you said, which madee wonder why did I stop reading blogs in the first place!
    But absolutely, men’s t-shirts are almost always better when I want to buy one; the lenght of the sleeves is just right, rarely see-through (I understand that some people like it, but personally I do not, so this is a big plus for me) and most importantly *the collar goes all the way to the neck.* Sometimes a more open t-shirt is nice, like in the summertime, but even then I really do like the look of tees that have a more neck-friendly collar. ALSO men’s tees usually have more fun patterns in them, that’s the main reason I like them 😀
    And you look amazing in those pictures, I can never get my hair to look that good ;D

  • Ashley Bingham

    Completely agree! Except I have found that a BLACK simple tee is my essential! Another quality I look for is comfort. I HAVE to have a soft and comfortable tshirt or else I can not wear it! But yeah, completely agree with ya on this post!

  • storiesbyapickle

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have a blog too but whenever I choose to display the date, I get this fat ugly wad of uselessness as opposed to signe’s clean “september 26, 2018”

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  • pastyspov

    You’re looking so good! I swear you could pull off any look.

    I almost exclusively wear men’s clothing these days (except for my leggings, I could never part with them). It’s better quality, more comfortable and usually cheaper too. They tend to be oversized and baggy on me but I like that because it’s so comfy and if I find trousers that are too big I have dozens of belts to fix that. Women’s clothing is a joke these days.

  • Jion Jesk

    Dude, I’m pretty much a tomboy. I only have like two Womens shirts and some skirts. The rest is Mens.

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