3 Things I’ve Watched This Week:

Now, normally I don’t watch a lot of shows/films on TV but this week has been entirely different than usual. It all began with Sofie and Emma coaching me into watching The Great British bake Off and once I’d been introduced, I was hooked! From there on out it seemed to just escalate into me watching all the stuff I had been putting off for weeks, and now we are here. I picked out three films/shows that I’ve truly enjoyed watching from start to finish. Some which I’ve found interesting and some which are just plain good-hearted fun.


First up is IRIS. This is a documentary about Iris Apfel, fashion legend, designer and collector extrodinare, who is still kicking at 93. It’s very much a “fly on the wall” type of documentary where you follow her in her day-to-day to find out what it is that she does, how she does it and how she has continued to do it so well.
I loved this documentary because I have an interest in fashion and this lady is so quirky and interesting that even if you don’t care much for it, it will still captivate you and leave you wanting more. Her outlook on life and her approach to things are so inspiring that I couldn’t help but agree with many of the things she discusses throughout the film and I love that. I love films that take you in with an initial interest in a certain topic and then expands upon it in ways that surprises you. I wholeheartedly recommend it!


Next up is a movie I’ve wanted to watch ever since it came out in 2017 but never really got around to it. It’s Loving Vincent, a film about Vincent Van Gogh and how he lived and died. It’s a very melancholic film but also incredibly interesting and eye-opening to watch. It’s a beautifully oil-painted animated movie as well, and the visuals was what drew me to watch it initially. It is absolutely stunning to look at and you can tell it’s a well crafted piece of film. It completely draws you in with its visuals which serves not only as a visual representation of the world in which Van Gogh lived but also beautifully underlines the films melancholic nature. Loving Vincent, in my opinion, gives a good look into what it’s like to be around a person who struggles with depression and how warped the perception of the people around them can be.
So TL;DR: I can’t recommend this film enough and you should absolutely go watch it if you have even the slightest interest in Van Gogh, his art, or just the topics that this movie deals with because it is absolutely a stunning film.

Now we move on to a COMPLETELY different genre.
It might seem to be a bit of a stark contrast after Loving Vincent but sometimes we just need some TLC and this show is definitely perfect for that! It is of course, The Great British Bake Off. You didn’t think I could have it in the intro and then just NOT talk about it, did you?
As I said earlier, this show was somewhat forced upon me by my friends who REALLY care about it and I have to admit, that at this point, I’m right there with them.
When you watch the Great British Bake Off (GBBO for short) you are really just looking for a good time. Something that’s just good fun and not some cinematic masterpiece that you’ll have to dissect afterwards to figure out the meaning of it. No, GBBO is what it is.
A simple baking competition. However, it does this so well that it adds a flare of humor to it that I can really really appreciate.
The drama that this show produces over some biscuits of all things, is incredibly entertaining to me and I got very invested in the show and it’s contestants very quickly.
I have however, only watched season 7 so far, but I am certain that it’s just a matter of time before I have finished all seasons available to my grabby little hands on Netflix.

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  • SierraScribbles

    “Loving Vincent” has been on my list for so long, now I really need to watch it.
    I love GBBO! Especially how I can have it on in the background and work on other things in the meantime.

  • edelloop

    Ohoho you’re in for an absolute TREAT (excuse the pun) when you watch the rest of the GBBO seasons! (Brand new season started yesterday too!)

  • Jasmin

    I’ve watched GBBO before and it’s amazing, even though in the past I’ve watched it with an empty stomach (bad idea). I didn’t know what to do this week but now I have two other shows to catch up on, thanks!

  • Nia Eva

    Okay, baking’s my jam and I’ve been looking for something to get in to, so now I HAVE to watch GBBO.

  • Clementine Mulvihill

    I love, love, love GBBO! It’s so wholesome and I just love baking, so I like seeing what they come up with. IRIS sounds super interesting as well. Thanks for the sneak peek into what you’re watching. It’s always interesting to hear what people enjoy watching and it’s good for gathering recommendations when I’m in a TV rut!

  • Amanda

    How funny, I just watched Loving Vincent yesterday and fell in love with it as well. It’s so beautifully made and the story really pulls you in. Made me want to start painting!

  • Ashley Bingham

    I’m completely with you wiish! I am not a big TV/movie person, but these sound interesting! I’ve actually seen quite a bit of advertisement about GBBO lately (I’m in the UK visiting for three months), and I’ve gotta say it’s peaked my interest! I have heard of Loving Vincent, but had no idea it was as great of movie as it apparently is! I’ll have to give it a watch some time 🙂

  • Candy-Spades

    I watched Loving Vincent with my sister some months back. Honestly it’s such a beautiful film and I absolutely loved it to bits.

    As for your other reccomendations, I will be SURE to check them out asap, after watching some of your other suggestions on things to watch I’m 120% positive that I’ll enjoy those as well. (Pluse I really like those genres). 🙂

  • EmeraldBoxer

    Loving Vincent was a phenomenal film. I watched it earlier this year with my twin sister and we enjoyed every moment of it! The paintings were so captivating, I really admired all the hard work put into the visuals, every frame was worth a screen shot. If you look close enough, you could differentiate that different artists painted in different ways. I loved that film, and now I’m motivated to watch it again. ^^

  • Karolina Jimenez

    You know, I have had trouble trying to find some art movies, but “loving Vincent” made me interested. I’ll make sure I’ll watch it later on. Oh and btw, I honestly want to watch GBBO but I don’t ever have the time to =/ love ya girl ^^ <3

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