A Girl Can Dream! – My Spring Wardrobe Wishlist:

The snow is gone! HOORAY! It looks like we are finally headed for spring here in the UK and it made me take a peek into my closet only to realize that I don’t really own any transitional wear. So I’ve been setting aside a little bit of money recently for some shopping before we leave for both Sean’s big tour and PAX East.
However, I found myself browsing the wide wide web beforehand and it unfortunately left me dreaming of an amazing future spring wardrobe full of things I can’t afford. So I thought, instead of crippling myself by having no one to talk to about all these beautiful products. It might be fun to make a wish list with a few items I’ve been eyeing in my searches and share it with you! So without further ado, here is my take on a small, dreamy, spring wardrobe wish list:

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    • Candy

      I too have a trouble understanding the point of this post. Maybe some explaining of the items would have made some more sense.

  • Poeksel

    Nice list. I wish I was at my weight goal so I could buy more new clothes. I just can’t bring myself to spend a ton of money on a wardrobe that (hopefully) won’t fit me in two months.

  • Poeksel

    This is a nice list. I wish I was closer to my weight goal so I could buy more new clothes. I just can’t bring myself to spend a ton of money on a new wardrobe that (hopefully) won’t fit me in two months. But a girl can dream.

  • Ashley Bingham

    Such a relatable feeling! I find myself eyeing more and more summer-y pieces and having to keep myself from spending all of my money! I especially love the bags you picked out, they are absolutely gorgeous!! Hopefully you can find a little extra cash to purchase at least a few of these items 😉

  • zetly

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  • Clementine Mulvihill

    The wardrobe transition from winter to spring is the hardest in my opinion because the weather is so indecisive! It’s sunny but freezing or the mornings are cold but the afternoons are warm and somehow I’m never wearing the right thing. I hope that you can get a few of these things as the seasons change and we crawl closer to spring!

  • Swirlie sketches

    Winters ending for you, so lucky.
    I live in Australia and thanks to climate change it’s turned into winter wonderland!
    This post has a nice range of sweaters for me to dream of having but never actually buying

  • jenica

    the one thing that popped out in this post is where you said how not having anyone really to talk about having these things to…you have us who read this blog…to people who commenting that they not understand the point of this post then i feel it is ’cause you simply want to share with someone you likes and wishes for fashion and such on certain days…sometimes your significant other or loved ones you have in life not get it…maybe i wrong…i seriously not assuming here of course…anyway enjoyed this post and giving you huggs

    • Cindy

      I would understand sharing the wishlist if she would have explained why she likes the clothes, or why she chose the the items or just gave some explanation about her thought on the items.
      Even when showing things to your friends that you would like to get you would say that “I want this because it’s cool/pretty/whatever”,
      Now it is just a list of things, nothing else, that I do not get

  • Makayla

    I love these so much, I wish I could buy them all!! The boots are so cute and I love the styles you chose!

  • EmeraldBoxer

    These are too cute! I especially admire the jewelry. These are some fantastic picks, and being someone who isn’t all that into to fashion, I definitely find all of these items chic. ^^

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